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What Inspires Us

The Brake Group was founded in 2004 to advocate for and empower physicians to leverage the best possible contracts in highly successful practices. Our founder, Amber Brake, is a Health Care Attorney, prior Hospital General Counsel, and she has served in prior Hospital Administrator roles (CEO, COO, and CFO). Through these roles and her experience teaching Health Care Finance at the graduate level she has gained insight to effectively structure competitive arrangements.

The inspiration for this practice came about 20 years ago. As our CEO was working as Hospital COO, see was seeing more and more physicians becoming frustrated with the challenges in practicing medicine, especially hospital-based physicians. A study by the AMA summarized a study as to why Physicians were increasingly being paid less and expected to work more. They concluded, in part, that it was due to Physicians having less control over their practice environment, directly contributing to grossly inequitable contracts. Our skilled associates partner with and for our clients, allowing them to truly focus on what matters most: clinical excellence. Additionally, our CEO saw first-hand how physicians weren't trained on the business side of medicine; which made it difficult to negotiate the various aspects of contracts, employment agreements, practice responsibilities, etc.

We value the trust that our clients place in us and our service. We proudly serve clients across the US in every specialty, every practice dynamic, and at any level of complexity.

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