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  • Physicians don't get what they deserve.....they get what is negotiated!

    Physicians deserve to be paid competitive compensation and equity with the ability to thrive in a practice that fits their goals.

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Our Team

Our company provides the guidance, expertise, and resources necessary to transform each Physician's vision for their practice into a reality. Our team of professionals specializes in specific areas of the business of medicine (hospital contracts, recruiting/placement, and practice management), providing the resources necessary to empower physicians in achieving the practices they desire. We love helping physicians accelerate their financial and operational success.

Why Negotiate

Many Physicians are reluctant to negotiate their contact for several reasons; they don't have time, they are worried they will appear too concerned about compensation, they don't have an educated grasp of the salary surveys or industry benchmarking, etc. As we work with Physicians, we advocate for the role they play – not only in healing humanity, but in generating business. While they create jobs for their staff, they make it possible for patients to get access to quality healthcare (not just with them but through a vast network of specialty providers). Most importantly, the average Physician generates more than $1.5 million in direct or ancillary income for the hospital in which they practice or are affiliated.

Our Advantage

Our CEO, Amber Brake, has a unique advantage having negotiated hospital-based contracts Hospitals and for Physicians and Physician groups both as Hospital General Counsel and as a Practice Administrator for Physician Groups. She held the following leadership roles:

  • Hospital CEO, COO, CFO, VP Ancillary Services
  • General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
  • Regional Counsel, Risk Management & Corporate Compliance Officer
  • Senior Corporate Counsel, Compliance Officer & Regulatory Affairs Leader
  • Consulting Business CEO/CFO
  • Assistant Professor Health Care Finance


  • Stellar services

    I didn't hire an attorney my first job out of residency and that was a big mistake.  This time around every detail in finding the right job according to my parameters was carried out so professionally.  It was night and day from the last time. Plus, the terms of the agreement were many times bett... Read On

  • Truly a pleasure

    While maintaining my current practice and looking for the right opportunity, I encountered The Brake Group. It was truly a pleasure to work with them, I was able to negotiate a more than fair agreement, make sure the contract details were clear, and in a location that was greatly desirable. Their... Read On

  • Fantastic team

    My anesthesia group had been unhappy with our Professional Services Agreement with the two hospitals we cover for years.  Turnover among Hospital Administrators was constant.  Each one promising to “look into” whether we were being paid fairly.  The typical response was, “Not now.  We've got othe... Read On

Physicians are an increasingly integral part of the American dream, yet few know how to ask for what they deserve and what is competitive. That's what we're here for!


Utilize the resources of The Brake Group by letting us advocate on your behalf leveraging your practice’s unique strengths and services. Our strength is in our company’s 15 years’ experience, background, and our ability to mine relevant and proprietary data to establish strong benchmarks that justify increasing reimbursement and developing more efficient and effective services. We have worked with thousands of Physicians just like you. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry as a health care attorney and hospital negotiator, our CEO and her team have the skills to promote and leverage a successful outcome on your behalf.

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